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.sharing responsibilities

insecurity is one of the deadliest feelings in the world; at work, at home, in social circles, even for ourselves. some people have insecurities because of bad conditioning throughout their lives being told it isn’t good enough or good ideas become stupid or crazy ideas.

‘been there, done that, wrote the book on it’

i guess that is why i am always trying to prove something to others and more or less to myself. recreating, finding news ways to be as epic as i can. this week i have made someone an important part of a team i hold leadership too and i feel insecure about it only because i have been burned by this before. but i feel i need to delegate these duties read the epic

.do you condemn others

taking a step back can be one of the hardest things to do when you are a person who insist on finding solutions immediately to problems.

the patience and tolerance needed to be a great person is probably  more profound as we do not always accept others. yes, there are times when i just want to really tell people what i think and feeling, in that moment and time but i have to respect the value one person may bring to my day.

what i can do also is maybe see further into this persons’ life and accept maybe they do know better.

acceptance of another is called human conditioning for a reason. we are all unique and whatever upbringing one my have had, it read the epic

.the essential of self growth

dreams are real, whether you believe in them or not, they are a reflection of your present life. where you want to be, glimpse of your present moments and what really is going on inside that pretty little head of yours.

if you are lucky enough to remember them when you wake up, you can easily google search the meaning. i am intrigued at times by what i find only because it makes me realize essential self growth. i can see beyond the actual meaning and ask myself why am i dreaming this.

#quotes #inspirational #positive #smart #life: we all the know it has been said, there are always deeper issues and the deeper you go, the better you will release that inner frustration. in the past week my devotion read the epic

.fresh inspirations & ideas

the epic reality of where to go from here |

as a writer, you must keep your readers interested. as a leader, it is much harder to keep people on the same page. you will always find some who are opposed to anything you say or do.

as frustrating as this is, i always find value in all that people say or do. there is always a lesson to be learned and in hopes to turn a negative into a positive. i have encountered many people who disagree with my ideas and thoughts and i have learned that those are my ideas and feelings. acceptance is the key to self worth and knowing you feel good about yourself when you accomplish something is all that read the epic

10 days to challenge myself

“if you understand, things are just as they are; then they are just as they are” – Zen Proverb

i find myself thinking about the reality of the real me. let me explain…

i was among st a group of people last night whom i do not see on a daily basis and my eyes were opened, my mind was relaxed and i was very intrigued by these people. different shapes and sizes, smart and wise, interesting and fun. a guest speaker was the focus of my attention, how she pranced around the room and was or appeared so self confident. she was also very encouraging and i do not say that lightly. every time someone spoke, she would automatically say something positive to make read the epic