what are we trying to say

there is much talk about how relationships should work and how some never work. the concept of having a great relationship comes from being able to love unconditionally. i have stressed this for many years and i only wish people would see this in a positive way.

everyone has their own views on love and i fully accept that. read the epic

exemption from reality

every once in a while, you need to escape from your daily lives. there are times when so much is going on, you can’t seem to process the reality of making sense of it all.

what i find helps is laughter. finding fun in all that you do, eliminates stress and calms the soul. people may find you childish or think you aren’t taking life seriously but when shit hits the fan, it’s good to laugh about it. read the epic

what a wonderful word

how do we define simplicity – how do we begin to adapt to lifes’ stresses without going completely insane

humans are conditioned to survive – we get up, go to work, eat, sleep and at times remember to breathe. the odd time we find ways to entertain ourselves by joining clubs, doing extra activities, having hobbies or for the sake of laughter (which is the best medicine) find ways to incorporate the lighter side of life. read the epic

the art of making noise intelligently

speaking. how to and when.

i am a firm believer that speaking the truth is the best policy. there are those who pretend they are something when they are not and i just don’t see the logic in it.


why not be who you are in your natural form?

i guess some of us would scare others and the nature of it all is somewhat politically incorrect. read the epic