taking responsibility for your own personal life

i have noticed and determined, people do not take responsibility for their own actions. they say or do things and really never live up to it. as i sit here this morning, i see things in a different light and it has to be said, most people are creatures of disguise.

how can we live Read the rest

why are choices reveal our life

for some of us, life can make us realize things we really could never accept about ourselves and the epic reality sets in, you question all of your decision abilities.

i am no stranger to trials and tribulations of life, relationships, friendships and mixed families, although i am not an expert, i still feel i Read the rest

why some have everything

others have to fight for their lives…in sickness and in health we are the experiments of life. we live our lives according to the ‘norm’ and never really understand why some people have it all and others suffer. what frustrates me are those who work so hard to achieve the simple life and i Read the rest

when negativity hits your reality

special is a word we take for granted. it is used in many forms and we can over look the obvious truth about special.

simple is a word people have forgotten because they are so wrapped up in their own reality, they forget the importance of life. i have seen it happen to often that Read the rest