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.based on life experiences

can you remember a time when you kept wishing for more?

when we were younger, we would say i can’t wait to be an adult and then we became an adult and we wished we were younger. i see different types of people and personalities on a daily basis, some of which drive me completely nuts and others i see the agony they live in. so why did we wish for all that?

even today, middle aged, i still wish for shit but i am more realistic about it. actually, honestly, i have become so numb to dreaming and wishing, that i do not see the reality in hope and dreams. true experience, the more i push, the less i seem to get what i read the epic

.an explanation never understood

ever get the feeling sometimes that people just don’t get what you are saying? you try over and over to explain a need or a want and still you struggle with the end result. how can people be so unclear, especially when you describe something from a to z.

maybe it is because some of us do not know how to explain things or the fact that some may have a vision so clear in their head, they see nothing else. they do not even hear you when you are speaking; all they hear is bla bla bla!

clearly, when verbal communication is at play, we must make sure the other person is getting the right words in their head. acting out, even getting them read the epic

.time can make you stand still

emotional roller coasters, how dangerous they are and how effective they can be on our lives. i have mentioned, from time to time, how i dream and how real my dreams are. last night was an immense force of past issues. i say that because i know in my mind, it stems from editing my book yesterday, bringing up old past mistakes and regrets.

Image result for colorful wallpaperi really do think if i could erase about 10 years of my life, i would be smarter. unfortunately, if you think about it, erasing parts of your life would only alter the future, the now, the present time would not be the same as it is.

why is it so easy to dismiss parts of your life and others haunt read the epic

stand up

how do you feel when you are spoken too? how do you feel when people constantly bring you down?

believing you are less than better than others can really affect your lifestyle. it can affect your mental health and ability to dream big. there is no one in the world can tell you how to be or act unless in a professional environment and even then there is a fine line in control.

Related image

we are all humans with a mission, ambition and determination for whatever our lives wish it to be. what burns my ass is the fact that some people seem to just dictate our ways  of living and have no consideration for that affect. there are some even who just like to make read the epic

taking responsibility for your own personal life

i have noticed and determined, people do not take responsibility for their own actions. they say or do things and really never live up to it. as i sit here this morning, i see things in a different light and it has to be said, most people are creatures of disguise.

how can we live in a world so full of chaos and never truly own up to the moment?

in our minds, we feel we are doing the right thing when in fact it is just an action of reaction to what people around us see and feel. we are so conditioned to believe the ‘norm’ = normal, that we never feel our own perception of life. reality, if you let it in, will read the epic

people need a reality check

there are many ways to live your life and most of mine has been somewhat real and otherwise the pretend game.

recent events have lead me to unfold more truths about myself and i feel as though i have had a break through with my reality. saying it out loud seems like the bigger thing but sitting here writing it is much more appealing as i love to go back and read what i wrote many moons from now. it is how i cope with things and free myself of unnecessary bullshit.

since last Thursday, i have been in deep thought about a certain part of my life that is literally sucking the happiness out of me and for what? for one minute if i read the epic

.engage in the now

for some of us, our very existence depends upon the events of the past. life experiences teach us how to be and not be but it is what we do with those experiences that make us who we are today. i often see people dwelling on what was or what could have been that they never really fully live in their own moment. hoping for shit to happen or wishing they had mad different decisions in order to have a better outcome.

i am a firm believe in the power of ‘everything happens for a reason’ and although some may not believe you have to imagine this epic life has been chosen for you as an individual. you are who you are for a special read the epic