.the freedom to choose


i have choices, i have the right to decide and feel the way i feel, i also have the power to let go

there are those who always seem to know how to find negativity in every thing i say or do and more so never have the balls to look me in the face and tell me how they feel. read the epic

“an authors ambition”


i truly believe ambition is one of my greatest traits.

i get an idea in my head and can’t put it down. this past week, i dusted off an old book i had written many moons ago and edited until my brain could no longer feel or think.


it is now ready! sometimes in life you just want to share stories, ideas, inspirations with others for the sake of just doing. read the epic

sharing and giving


i listen and watched a video today about a woman who heard the voice of jesus, only to feed a homeless man. i am happy she found this inspiration if it helps her in her every day life but when i think about this, i am faced with the realization of reality.

i truly believe the voice she was hearing was about giving. read the epic

the joys of travelling


as it would have it with my luck, weather conditions have altered my travels.

i am writing this morning from a beautiful hotel room, one hour from my hometown. my original flights had to be changed as there was a winter warning advisory in chicago which was my first stop on my way to texas. what a nightmare. read the epic

first i am woman


there is a fine line between being aware of who you are and what you are actually.

most people do not consider the possibility that even though we carry many titles in our lives, we are first and foremost woman or man. titles are what we do and not who we are. i have many titles, mother, daughter, spouse, driver, president, fixer of all, leader, writer and ultimately believer in love. read the epic

the rules of time


2016 is just flying by right?

it seems funny because we all know we epic people, at this time of year, continue to search for what is next. resolutions, new goals, life just passes by. we start to rethink of how we embraced time, if we were nice, did we do good things for ourselves, have we accomplished the things we set out last year. read the epic

what are we trying to say


there is much talk about how relationships should work and how some never work. the concept of having a great relationship comes from being able to love unconditionally. i have stressed this for many years and i only wish people would see this in a positive way.

everyone has their own views on love and i fully accept that. read the epic

what if


time. how much do we really have and how do we use it?

i am faced with a reality these days of time and all i have had, meeting many people, experiencing many things and living my life the way i believe it should be lived. today, i see and feel different things about how my life should have went but we all know we cannot change the past. read the epic

ultimate relaxation


there are very few things in life that make us feel epic and when that moment hits, we ask ourselves how can we bring that joy and calm to our every day lives?

i sat looking at a picture last night, it was as if starring at it made me feel relaxed, stillness and i realized i was being in my moment. read the epic