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.tell it like it is

my big challenge in the next coming weeks will be to really tell people what i really think. it is very hard to be honest when you are working in a public environment but sometimes it is also healthy to dish out the truth about how you really feel. some people really need to hear it in order to understand and accept the honesty and reality of life.

it takes so much courage to do this, even if you are good at it, there is a way of saying something without sounding vulgar or aggressive. there is also the old saying: ” the truth will set you free” and i am telling you it is about the more honest thing you can ever do. people read the epic

.shut the fuck up

gossip, one of the worse things in the world, it destroys another person to no end. we see people daily who feed themselves on talking shit that really makes no sense.

why do they do it? my honest opinion is insecurity. they lack the ability to fix their own lives therefore they thrive on trying to impact others by telling stories. the  problem with this is most people, as smart as they are notice a pattern and feel less compelled to listen to this kind of garbage. my logic is factual! i know deep down these people do it because they really feel an urge to hurt someone else.

then the brain starts to work.

why would someone continuously do this to another person, knowingly? read the epic

.the messy mind

you live your life according to what is best for you, no outside influence because you know that the best thing is what you need and want. making it happen can be somewhat of a challenge when others do not see your point of view or understand your thinking.

i have many people who feel this way about me and quite frankly, it took me a long time to make the decision to stand back and tell them like it is. my reasoning for my epic moments are really none of their concern but a mere moment that i must stand up too. they do not have to accept me or really care what i do, say or think but only to respect how i read the epic

.the chaos of living

time is so valuable and how often do we forget this until something tragic happens. self development has been my goal for decades and it is without a doubt, that i will be working at this for many years.

what i know today is this, if i don’t take time out for myself, i will collapse. many things have piled up and i am on the verge of just no longer giving a shit about anything and for that reason, i am taking a step back to realize what is important and what is not.

Related imagei had a massage the other and i today i sense more tension than ever because i am taking on so many different items. the reality is learning to compartmentalize read the epic

.decorate your life

i was thinking about decorating this morning, flipping through Pinterest, one of the best social networks ever created, (thank You) and my mind wandered. often our lives are so boring, we tend to fill it with beautiful things, buy expensive items when really there is an easier way to show your creative motivation.

if your environment is beautiful, your mood changes.

i have two months to decide on creative ideas for our new home, did i mention we bought a house? yes. the truth is happening and it is so much bigger than what we have now, my mind has started filling with great decorating ideas. i want to make it creative but also functional. this house we live in now is so small, read the epic

.distraction is a good cure

i feel that if we are stressed about life, sometimes if you do things, keep busy or think about something else, it helps to calm yourself. focusing on other items on the agenda can alleviate some of the dilemmas you may be facing in life. this is especially true when making big decisions that are absolutely foreign to your normal routine.

the reality is when you know you must make these decisions it all boils down to commitment. i can’t stress enough how committed i have always been to life goals and other people but sometimes it was necessary to keep me grounded. what i have learned to do is find ways to distract myself when i am really having a difficult time by pondering read the epic

.personal experiences

what we do in life can reflect our future. there’s no way out of it. if you fuck up, you will in some way or another pay for it for the rest of your life.

most people are in denial of such a phrase only because they can’t live in their reality. the question of the day is whether or not you can recognize the signs of it all and what to do about it or even if you can change the course of action.

i spent my day in my pool over thinking everything going around me, work, relationship, people and family and i can honestly say at the end of the day, i still come up with the same answers. it is one read the epic