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.different people different ideas

i sometimes wonder what really makes us who we are. we are molded into life by our up bringing, values, ideas, respect and as we get old some us fall off the wagon and make our choices. we forget what we were thought and decide to make our own interpretations of how our life would best suit us.

the problem lies within the need to make things better. i was reading a piece of a book how most people forget to live in the moment. some worry about their future, some find time to think about past regrets and it alters their today. why do we do this? because there are things in the past that make us who we are today.

should it ? read the epic

.shut the fuck up

gossip, one of the worse things in the world, it destroys another person to no end. we see people daily who feed themselves on talking shit that really makes no sense.

why do they do it? my honest opinion is insecurity. they lack the ability to fix their own lives therefore they thrive on trying to impact others by telling stories. the  problem with this is most people, as smart as they are notice a pattern and feel less compelled to listen to this kind of garbage. my logic is factual! i know deep down these people do it because they really feel an urge to hurt someone else.

then the brain starts to work.

why would someone continuously do this to another person, knowingly? read the epic

.responsiblity and reality

we all have choices to make in life and there are times when taking responsibility comes at a cost. we know the outcome, we feel the remorse but in the end we only have to do what is right. we cannot be worrying about judgement or how others will react to certain situations because when it comes down to it, you are the sole purpose of your own destiny.

now if i was to tell you the chaos i deal with on a daily basis, you my readers would probably tell me to pack it up. however, this boils down to commitment and i am a big believer in this epic moment. i do and say something, i will always follow through with it at read the epic

.a personal choice

what i see, no one else does. what i feel, no one else can. as life progresses, we look at what we have become and where we want to be but we cannot seem to live for what is here and now. we are so busy talking about mistakes we’ve made in the past, so that we do not repeat these events again for our future, that we simply forget what is good in the now.

i see so much difference in what i used to believe and how it is has affected me, that it makes me question every minute of my life. experiences are something you live to get a better perspective of what is to come. however, if you think to far read the epic

.when did life become so hard


we all know in order to succeed, you have to work hard at everything. you get absolutely nowhere by sitting around or letting others do things for you. some people were born with a ‘silver spoon’ and for all it’s worth, they never have to lift a finger. all comes to them and they never really learn to appreciate the value of living.


the other side of this is people are just lazy and wish to do nothing. they pride themselves on using the system to help them instead of helping themselves. they feel that society owes them life and we, the others, have to serve them at all cost. the bullshit behind this is some of us have to suck it up read the epic

.anal people and words

my epic shit this morning finds me thinking about how judgmental people can be and what i should do about it. there is enough stress in the world without worrying that someone is talking behind your back however the fact remains, in life people have nothing better to do then say shit.

i guess the deeper issues are what lies behind this horrible situation, when people have their own personality conflict, they tend to find ways to hurt others by saying the most stupid crap. notice how i am using the word “shit” and “crap” – there’s a reason.

i don’t like gossip but when it comes to me, i like knowing everything and anything. i am concerned with some of the statements being said read the epic

.what games are being played

word of the day: “spang” – directly or exactly on target

this is a word we use when we take a step back and decide whether our lives are exactly where it should be. there is no doubt in mind there are many of us who feel life has not taken us where we wanted and for most of us, we cannot change anything about it.

half of me believes i could make miracles happen and the other half doubts my ability to become exactly what i want. age has a lot to do with this. the famous words of “had i done this” become apparent and for some reason all those negative feelings come to life. i am a creature of my own insecurities read the epic