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teaching unconditional love

unconditional meaning acceptance of one human to another in all aspects of their existence.

whether we do right or wrong, unconditional love means being able to accept that other person. we are creatures of our own deceptions and even when we believe that logic is the best course of action towards a loved one, sometimes that logic is shit. read the epic

what do you fear

fear is one of the most common symptoms of mental illness, fear of failure, fear of reality, fear of not being good enough, the list goes on. those who suffer from lack of confidence become those who use and abuse substances. i think it is because when you are high or drunk, you become someone else, fearing nothing and caring about nothing. read the epic

without a doubt

spending time alone really makes you think about life and what suits your needs and wants. when you think that someone else wants the same things and know deep down it isn’t, you question your ability to make the right decisions.

i have made quite a few changes again lately but i know it wasn’t entirely for me. read the epic