first i am woman


there is a fine line between being aware of who you are and what you are actually.

most people do not consider the possibility that even though we carry many titles in our lives, we are first and foremost woman or man. titles are what we do and not who we are. i have many titles, mother, daughter, spouse, driver, president, fixer of all, leader, writer and ultimately believer in love. read the epic

generalizing life and people


there’s an old saying, keep your friends closer and your enemies closer

so true when it comes to people in general, how they can manipulate a situation or turn a story around. some even defy the very essence of your beliefs and some will undoubtedly do things you really find unacceptable. for example perception is a very dangerous word; in the eyes of some, things may be perceived in a very different way than others think. read the epic

believe in who you are


there is so much tension and lack of epic reality these days, i wonder how we can survive. humans are condition in a way only they themselves see fit. lack of respect is one of the most powerful characteristic i see in my daily living and for me there is no justification for it.

why can’t we just be respectful of others? read the epic

.does it really matter


the hard part about living reality is you must at all cost see things for what they are and not what others perceive to be. the only person who can truly understand life is the one who can understand themselves.

we see it so often people who are guided by others, who can’t make common decisions without consulting others or you not have the knowledge to accept the inevitable. read the epic

why do people give up


failure is inevitable sometimes and i have seen it in many shapes and forms. it is easy to be negative when you feel as though nothing good is happening in your life. i remember a time when my life was completely shut off and for months i wouldn’t even interact with people.

it takes great strength to build yourself out of a hole, determination to live the life you wan to live and the guts to do what is best for your sanity. read the epic

the journey of life


sometimes, life is unfair. it traps us into thinking we are epic and in the end we find out it was all a dream. most inspiring people have the ability to love themselves enough to never care what others do or say. how grand it would be if we could all think like this?

what others believe to be true is merely an image. read the epic

.how far would you go to get noticed


in today’s society, i believe people say or do things to get noticed. be it as i may seem, some things said are slanderous and can cause pain or hurt feelings.

i truly see the reactions of things said and what people don’t realize is how it can affect a person’s well being. i think, people should take a second look at the ‘run of mouth’. read the epic

.there’s no place like home


after setting off on another adventure these past few days, away at a lake side, leaving my laptop at home, i realized how even though i have a strict routine every day, i can really detach from it.

so often we see people who are considerably functional with their gadgets and for some being without them will through them into a frenzy of despair. read the epic

.epic truth


how to be true to you? i see this all over, people pinning, facebook quotes, selfies and yet we still have some who hide behind a shadow. there is so much inspiration out there, why are some still suffering in silence?

FEAR: it’s simple.

the fear takes over because people know in the end, we are all judged on our lives and what we represent. read the epic