free speech how far can you take it

i am reaching out to millions of people because the idea of free speech has become slightly limited.

some people go out of their way to hurt others just by saying slanderousĀ things, bullying those who can not protect themselves and harassing in an inappropriate way. i believe it has gone far to long we Read the rest

generalizing life and people

there’s an old saying, keep your friends closer and your enemies closer

so true when it comes to people in general, how they can manipulate a situation or turn a story around. some even defy the very essence of your beliefs and some will undoubtedly do things you really find unacceptable. for example perception is Read the rest

i do or i don’t

i have been thinking a lot about marriage lately; not relationships but the concept of marriage. the wife, the husband and mostly why i don’t have one. more so, why no one has ever asked me in over 24 years. sad but true, i guess relationships and have come and gone but my biggest question Read the rest