how to satisfy everyone’s needs

the impossible trying to make everyone happy is totally ridiculous. everyone has their own agenda and we cannot find a happy medium however you look at it. people are different and unique in their own way. i know the only way to really and completely live through this is to decide what is in your best interest and hope that people will understand. read the epic

the reality of life doesn’t escape

vacations are great but the reality is life doesn’t stop, bills need to be paid, responsibilities need to be attended too and you just can’t run away and expect life to stop.

as i sit here on the roof top looking at palm trees, my thoughts are focused on my life back home, wondering how i can bring some of this tropical reality with me. read the epic

when times are really hard

there will a point and time in your life when all hell breaks loose and you feel as though nothing seems right. in your eyes, all that can happen does and it is usually not good.

the next idea is why, the question you ask yourself and have absolutely no answer.

i have written many times how life is so damn hard and you can’t see to pin point why this has to be. read the epic