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there’s a thing called simple

my biggest failure is how to simplify my life. it is almost as if i have to keep super busy in order to keep sane. although lately, my physical needs have proven to be more super than i.

so many of us are busy, failing to understand the concept of taking it easy until one day, our lives take a turn and we must sit back and look at what matters.

i have been ‘jibber jabbing’ lately about life in general, over thinking everything and wondering if i am just being a destructive self. being busy is my middle name and satisfaction is the game. my projects consists of wanting the impossible but looking for the next adventure.

i have been working on a new read the epic

the ocean and the singing

i have been following a course on ‘Life’s Golden Ticket” | a story about second chances

Brendon Burchard – #1 New York Times Bestselling Author wrote this book and gives an astounding reality about life. he talks about the 4 gates, the first being awareness! in order to make changes in your life and live fully, you must be aware or all aspects of our lives. work, relationships and our habits.

some of the questions he asks in the course are the following:

if i were going to improve my thoughts on an ongoing basis, i would have to start…

what matters to me right now…

what habits would improve my life right now…

i just finished the second gate, acceptance! since i had mastered read the epic

great loves are like great songs

music helps the soul, it can say something you can’t say out loud, it can fill your heart with joy or sorrow.

the only thing i can really compare it too is love. i believe all great songs have a story and with that comes people and love. my two favourite things in the world. both of which have taught me so much throughout the years and every time i hear a song, i think of a time and place when the meaning of that song inspired me.

big secret with that is i have always wanted to be a great entertainer all my life and find unconditional love. both have failed me tremendously, however, the music lives on every day.

love is much more read the epic

feeling restless

it is funny how every once in a while i feel very restless, as if i need to get out and be silly and crazy just for one night.  i guess it’s because i am so conformed all week long and after a while you get that cabin fever. even though i just took a vacation, i feel as though it wasn’t enough to let my real inhibitions out.

when i was younger, it was responsibility but then letting loose whenever possible. those were the days when things were carefree and seemed less stressful. although life has changed, i think everyone needs to ‘vito’ their inner craziness and do something absolutely fun. the people who do know me very well know that i am always read the epic