.when things are just not right

what i have noticed this week are my struggles with life and people. the ultimate question this week is whether it is important or not but i find myself struggling with the fact that no matter how hard i try to make things smooth, i am still not satisfied with anything.

yesterday, i got a horrible phone call from my son and my thoughts were i wanted to go and rescue him from this massive disaster he was facing. read the epic

when the decisions are made

often, people talk about choices | i hate that word, i really do because i have always believed that no matter what choice made something always comes along and alters it.

we live according to what we believe to be satisfactory to our needs. i am sure at one time or another we lived for the purpose of guiding others | children | shaping them into what we want and hope they will grow into strong adults. read the epic

why people give up on relationships

it no longer serves a purpose | you are fighting a losing battle | your goals are different

there are many reasons why relationships fail but when is it that attracted us to this unhealthy relationship in the first place? is it because one or the other person was pretending to be something they really are not or we so consumed by the idea of actually having someone who would at least pay attention, that we blinded ourselves into this crazy fantasy? read the epic

how can we accept the things we cannot change

looking back, i know i like change. i like changing my environment, i have changed jobs many times, even when i like something i try to find a way to make it more interesting. they say variety is the spice of life but one thing i never did like changing were my relationships.

i grew up hoping i would be with the love of my life for over 25 years and it never happened. read the epic

honesty is better than disappointing lies

i have been thinking about games as i called them, people play. man or woman, i see it all the time. one plays the game of cat and mouse to get something they want. they figure they are giving a small piece of themselves for the other person and should be enough.

why can’t people say exactly what they want and accept whatever consequences will follow? read the epic