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.we all have dreams

once upon a time there a young girl…

then she grew up.

we have all heard this so many times before and i can honestly say i am in a place where no one should go.…

.the portrait of life

greatness is something most of us pride ourselves on daily. we want to succeed, we want people to notice but how far are we willing to go to achieve this?…

.look before you leap

this morning i find myself thinking about emotions, feelings of dislike and why? because in times of need, it doesn’t matter whether you like or dislike someone, when they are in a difficult situation, you must be empathetic or is it duty?…

.5 minutes is all it takes

sometimes in life, we forget the small things, moments that make life worth waking up for.

we are so wrapped up in our busy lifestyles, noticing special things can be a thing of the past.…

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