.working on things

ever get the feeling that your whole life is a bubble waiting to burst? i hate it when you think you have it ‘nip’ in the butt and then ‘BAM’ more shit happens.

altering life to continuously fix your own needs is very exhausting. i can’t even begin to tell you how many times i wish i could simplify everything and forget all the chaos.  the incredible thing about this is that when you communicate with people, you realize that some people are in the same situation as you and it all becomes more epic than you thought. knowing that you can share your thoughts with someone who understands is the best medicine.

#epicquoteson the other hand, sometimes you don’t want people know certain things because of that judgement call. if pointing the finger wasn’t bad enough, the way people think about you is very detrimental. the epic thing about self love is if you realize you are doing something you shouldn’t or spend to much time worrying about it, you can live in your reality and be better for it.

i want to take a moment and thank all my readers who visit my website and apologize for the constant redecorating. i am a perfectionist and lately my ideas are on the back burner. i feel as though i have lost my inner creative side and lack the epic value of what i do here.

keep coming back! i am sure epic reality will live on but may change from time to time. gotta get my book done as well, it’s been hiding in the shadows.

.can’t find what i am looking for

ever get the feeling, sometimes you just can’t get things right?

me. all the time.

crushing some ideas in my head for this epic blog and for some reason can’t find the right style and layout. i guess even when clearing one’s mind, nothing comes forward. it is like writer’s block only, to appeal to the readers, you try to find a way to make it look presentable and readable,  however nothing comes.

so for today, i am just going to keep plugging at it and see if anything sparks me.

thanks for being here and giving me encourgement.

negative people and their attacks on others

everyone has their own agenda, way of thinking, way of feeling, way of seeing things. perception rules in any event and for some this may come in a negative way.

i have spent my life living for others, dealing with everything as though my audience was the most important factor. unfortunately, i have taken this so far and have lost my sense of well being. the reality is awareness can play the biggest role on how you continue to live your life. “if you know better you can do better” as Oprah says.

Image result for attackin a few days i will be in my most peaceful place in the world and i can’t wait to just let it all go and refresh my moments. i will finish my book and enjoy the company of two of the most epic people who inspire me to do better. i am a very lucky person to have such people whom believe in people. PERIOD! they have taken communication to the next level and as i learn from them, i find myself being transformed every day, hearing and appreciating their words of wisdom.

there is one factor i am facing at this moment in my life and that is self confidence. i lack the ability to believe in myself and most people would not believe this as i am a good actress in the making. i stand tall every day, shout from the bottom of my toes and never let the guard show my true colors. however, yesterday, i was at a loss and was faced with a tragic event. piers are one of the most valued people in this world and they can certainly ‘show the light’ as The Contagiously Positive Girl says.

but for me, there has never been any light and that tunnel is getting bigger by the minute. i feel it is in my best interests to get away from all these negative attacks before my life becomes more unmanageable. life is hard enough without having most pressure in the making. i feel my epic reality will forced!

when times are really hard

there will a point and time in your life when all hell breaks loose and you feel as though nothing seems right. in your eyes, all that can happen does and it is usually not good.

the next idea is why, the question you ask yourself and have absolutely no answer.

i have written many times how life is so damn hard and you can’t see to pin point why this has to be. people in general try to live a simple life however the chaos just keeps coming. you make something good, it all turns to shit.

this is where i am at in my life these days and i can tell you, with all the experience of mental health, depression or otherwise, this one baffles me. it’s a different kind of sinking and i am looking for the answers. most people in my place would definitely fall into an abyss of self pity and sulking but no, me i look for the answers. Image result for inspirations

i can honestly tell you i am however at a loss at the moment as there is only one way for me to do this. take the boxes out, filled them in their perspective places and take one at a time out of the equation to analyze what the hell happened.

how did i let it get out of control?

how is it working so hard to make things right can be so wrong?

why is it the target is directly in my direction?

i am supposed to be the inspiring one and i am the one in need of some inspiration or light. the good news is in my teaching, i am aware of all of it and usually come out for the better.

the value of life

self awareness, self love, self development, how epic are you at these?

it takes much courage to realize when you need self work and unless you are ready to identify these things, you are not ready. the moment something bad happens you begin to question all your abilities unless you know for sure you are capable of living your own reality.

as you live each day, you see things like never before and you start applying better things to make yourself better.

there is no easy way to discover the errors unless you live them. i believe living is being aware of the mind, body and soul of your own self worth. don’t look at it as mistakes, defects, look at the reasoning behind it. sometimes life just happens and we must at all cost take control of it. this is the only way to survive this crazy world we live in and how we are going to succeed at our own self love.

be epic for yourself and not for the sake of making someone else happy. let them find their own destiny in their own way


.the month of love

well here it is, the month i love most and it’s all about love

this world needs more of that and with my next trip almost here, i want to tell the world that even though i am extremely busy this month with business and work, i am always here to lend an ear.

so what is the month of love?

be unconditional as possible. we all can agree that everyone has their own agenda and way of living their lives. i am very organized, creative and most of all, a tell it like it is kinda girl. number on my agenda is taking better care of myself and learning to love myself.

very very difficult task.

i can teach it, tell you how, even probably make you believe my epic unconditional love but when it comes down to me, the famous editor of this blog, i am at the bottom of that list. it all about everyone else, doing all that needs to be done and never thinking often enough that i need the time out.

mexico is coming.

Image result for heart

month of love, oh yes that is where i was…

epic needed a new layout to start her love adventure, so therefore this is why things are a little out of place. as the days go by you will see a definite “LOVE” experience and maybe some added fun and freebies.

so let’s make a great february! join me in being in the moment, download my app so you can take me on the go and let’s make unconditional love our main purpose this month.