some live in silence


i am faced with many challenges at this time of year, things i have worked on, self devotion, teaching unconditional love, the right to choose and i have seen something yesterday that i am concerned with. how many of us take the time to really see a person?

people of all kinds cross our paths and most of us do not even give them the time of day. read the epic

sharing and giving


i listen and watched a video today about a woman who heard the voice of jesus, only to feed a homeless man. i am happy she found this inspiration if it helps her in her every day life but when i think about this, i am faced with the realization of reality.

i truly believe the voice she was hearing was about giving. read the epic

attitude and behavior


epic is having the most stressful time, it seems to me that politeness and compassion have thrown out into the wind and people have become so ungrateful. i do realize at this time of year, people tend to get a little more stressed and excited all in the same sentence but it is also a time of giving. read the epic

epic review


as we are nearing the end of 2016, i find myself looking at life in great depth. changes, ideas, people, life and love have all been turned around and i see how busy i have become.

our bodies tell us when you need a break and epic is doing just that in December. i am taking a vacation and i can’t wait! read the epic

a goal and a plan


when we want something, we must have a plan. the only way to accomplish a life goal is to have this plan in place and if for some reason it gets altered, you just revise the plan.

i believe anything is possible with these two key factors. i have excelled on achieving many things and honestly it is the only way to get anywhere in life. read the epic

when you judge others


relationships are hard even in the public eye because on a daily basis we deal with all kinds of people. rich, poor, drug addicts, poor dressers, non-communicative, elderly, young and even foreign. what are perceptions are of these people can vary from time to time or even become a habit of nature. working in this kind of environment can be very stressful and we must use logic at all times. read the epic

we are missing the point


why do we strive so hard for what could happen, what we can achieve, what we can become? why are more of us not living in this moment?

there’s something missing – truly

we live by our means and most of us never really accomplish anything great because we feel it is just not in our grasp. read the epic