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.tell it like it is

my big challenge in the next coming weeks will be to really tell people what i really think. it is very hard to be honest when you are working in a public environment but sometimes it is also healthy to dish out the truth about how you really feel. some people really need to hear it in order to understand and accept the honesty and reality of life.

it takes so much courage to do this, even if you are good at it, there is a way of saying something without sounding vulgar or aggressive. there is also the old saying: ” the truth will set you free” and i am telling you it is about the more honest thing you can ever do. people read the epic

.losing my reality

finding beauty in everything you do can sometimes be very difficult. whenever i felt stressed or just basically fed up with life, i would find a moment in time i was really relaxed and recreate it. there are ways to develop ‘me’ time. but i do know this can be difficult for some.

there is no way in hell you can always believe that …

i was having an epic moment of reality. lately, nothing comes to mind when writing doesn’t seem to help my inner peace. regret, solitude, these are three words i find very familiar but give me no pleasure any longer. have you ever gotten to the point when you feel as though nothing is within your reach? everything you do or read the epic

.anal people and words

my epic shit this morning finds me thinking about how judgmental people can be and what i should do about it. there is enough stress in the world without worrying that someone is talking behind your back however the fact remains, in life people have nothing better to do then say shit.

i guess the deeper issues are what lies behind this horrible situation, when people have their own personality conflict, they tend to find ways to hurt others by saying the most stupid crap. notice how i am using the word “shit” and “crap” – there’s a reason.

i don’t like gossip but when it comes to me, i like knowing everything and anything. i am concerned with some of the statements being said read the epic

.accepting life for what it is

tired of being someone your are not?

me too and lately, i feel as though i have went back in time when all did was for others.

i am struggling with this as fire lit my ass yesterday it was a complete melt down at home and at work. in my professional life, we must keep our ‘facade’ as we call it and sometimes it is completely impossible. i was so upset over a personal situation that i could not keep my form at work. i was faced with piers who seen me in this form and i was totally embarrassed. however, being they understand even the strongest person can have a melt down from time to time, it still doesn’t matter to me.

we read the epic

.what games are being played

word of the day: “spang” – directly or exactly on target

this is a word we use when we take a step back and decide whether our lives are exactly where it should be. there is no doubt in mind there are many of us who feel life has not taken us where we wanted and for most of us, we cannot change anything about it.

half of me believes i could make miracles happen and the other half doubts my ability to become exactly what i want. age has a lot to do with this. the famous words of “had i done this” become apparent and for some reason all those negative feelings come to life. i am a creature of my own insecurities read the epic

.why some focus on the negative

being away from home make you think about life in general. although you are busy with business matters, you always can find time to take a moment and personalize yourself.  i for one find it great therapy and also a time to redefine your purpose. every time i question my ability to be epic, something always brings me back from that negative bullshit.

when i feel pressured or low i ask myself why is this happening? who made me feel so low that i truly believe it? then for a moment, my processor goes back to the actual time when someone said or did something and tear apart the situation. was it really aimed at me or was there bigger issues? maybe i was offended read the epic

.what we see in our own minds

what i have learned this week is this, no matter what city or country you are in, people react and act in the same way. there is always some asshole getting under your skin.

this week i traveled across the country on business and i have met some pretty unique individuals. some of which i already knew and are great people to hang out with. i appreciate their value and insight on our mutual subject. there are some who seem to stand out in the crowd. irritating, loud and obnoxious. you pretty much just want to slap them or tell them what you really think but of course we all know that is not respectful. although i am a big believer of letting people be read the epic