Signs that some things just don’t work


after looking at many comments today, there is a good possibility that I am just kidding myself with this blogging and affiliates thing. I mean really?

I love to write and being an author of 5 books, without one sale is pretty discouraging. I have signed up for many helpful webinars and products of sort but for some reason, I just wish someone would believe in my work and make it big.… proceed

Unplug the noise

total silence, how wonderful that would be. we live in a world where noise happens.

cars, people, traffic, industries, even the corner lights make noise. when i get home, i like tranquillity; the moment i sit down and hear nothing but the sound of nothing. there is nothing completely silent but if you just take 15 minutes of your day to just sit in stillness, calm your mind, you will realize how peaceful this can be.… proceed