sunrise in texas

well my fellow readers i finally landed! after a very long day of travelling, soreness throughout my body but glad to be in the land of the palm trees. i don’t know what it is with me but between the sea air and palm trees i find it beautiful.

i texted back home to find out they woke up to a big blanket of white snow. so for kicks i posted that this morning comparing palm trees and white snow. to funny really as it is very humid here to my surprise.

so yesterdays travels, other than being long, were somewhat the same ole same ole. you wait for your flight, board the plane and poof! you are somewhere else in a matter of hours. well i can honestly say, taking several planes is not as pleasant as it seems. however, there are always people around whom i find pleasant to talk too or just nice enough to keep up the chat in order to get through the flight. i met two of those characters, one from san antonio and the other from houston. i believe the guy from san antonio was a lawyer, i’ll check his card again and the other is in the medical field, both going home to their families. i also met a lady whom seemed all to willing to help me in washington as i was pressed for time to catch my connection.

airlines, you gotta love them. they gave me only 10 minutes to get to my next plane ride in washington. but let’s just say we all know most flights aren’t always on time, well i made it.

another thing i find interesting on the plane are those little bags of snacks they give you. funny i say the term snacks lightly because you are lucky to get a dozen of those little pretzels. i was surprised that the stewardess were very polite and courteous as we all know from my adventure on saturday with customer service, that airline is not my favorite.

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i guess my lesson for all this is if you are going to travel, be ready for anything but also remember there is always someone to lend you a hand. i believe we always meet all kinds of people for many reasons and we must appreciate this time.

can’t wait for my adventures today in texas land!!