Suck It Up, it’s My Life

two words come to mind these past few days, patience and happiness. i truly believe when you are in your zone as i call it, your mind and body heal. i am quite certain that most people do not realize if your mind is busy with worry, stress, and anxiety, your body suffers.

the most epic way to heal yourself is by doing what is good, what makes you happy and knowing it is the first step. when doing things that are unnatural, as opposed to what we want to do, we put ourselves in danger of physical and mental abuse. we are victims of doing what everyone is expecting of us because we fear the judgment of being natural to our own needs and wants.

i am there and now that i have changed this, i am feeling so much better than ever.

i am convinced that no matter what others will say or think of me, in the end, i will be better. we are always going to have people who do not understand things as we do, this is why the world goes round and round because there are very many different characters in our society. although i do not agree with a lot of people’s behavior, actions, a way of life, i accept who they are and what they feel, unconditionally. if it does not affect me, then why worry about it.

i am saying this because i have some family whom i feel judge me based on my ability to live and love life. i know they mean well but i am an adult and it is about time they realize acceptance is a much-needed ingredient in my life. if they do not, then so be it.

what this boils down to, in my epic world, i find ways to lessen my stress, feel good about who and what i do and the rest of the world can either accept it or suck it!