Stuff left to do

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there comes a time when you realize that so much is on the agenda and you feel as though you will never accomplish your tasks.

what i believe to be true is this: do what you can.

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as anal as i am about having an agenda for everything, sometimes i have to take a step back and relax. i had a dinner engagement last night and for some reason, i could relax. it was as if i was rushing this moment instead of enjoying the company and time i had to do so. but my brain was on overload and i couldn’t stop it.

i really have to learn to slow down because i know someday i will explode or fall down. a friend of mine said last week, i can’t fix everything but for me it is basically being on top of everything. it is as though if i am not i will be judged. yes the constant fear of not enough lingering in my mind constantly and it never ceases to amaze me after all these years i still need approval from everyone.

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make this

it’s a constant validation that i should personally take note upon myself, look in the mirror and say i am enough.

my to do list, on the left of my desktop, is always full. someday, i may wake up and see it empty, however, i doubt it.

the question i ask myself this morning is whether i stop this crazy belief or can i alter my thinking and just say:



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