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I truly believe we were all put on this earth for a reason. some of us have not found that reason or some of us are still looking for the purpose to which we exist. either way, the fact remains, life will take you in the direction it is meant to be.
one of the most important factors, in my personal life has taught me that the body will indicate whether it is time for a change in direction or if you need more or less. it always amazes me how physically if we are unwell, it is because our brain is non-functional. aches and pains do not generate themselves by just being. something or somewhere an injury has happened or you are so busy you do not realize how tired the mind is and can be.
i have stress in my neck all the time and the reason is because i continuously think of things about my life. generating enough sense to put it to rest does not come easy, as i am sure many people are feeling the same and it is with great reality i have to recognize these symptoms. i have been doing some research on how to live a comfortable life and i can tell you, if you want it bad not it is possible. but it takes great determination and patience.
working for a goal so important must be taken in steps and you must be willing to let go of other aspects in your daily routine.
for today we will consider the goal: if you are looking to make something of yourself big or small, find the plan, work the plan and strive for whatever makes you a better person for you.

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