Strength where does it come from

how do you find the courage to face your reality? this is a very difficult one because there are times when you feel as though there is nothing left to fight for or simply put, the reality is clear and you haven’t got the strength to take the next step.

you can imagine every scenario possible in your mind but you will really know the effects this next step will have on your life. the imagination is a wonderful tool only if it is used for the good of everything. on the other hand, my life has been filled with imagination and none of it did me any good. you have to face your realities in order to live a full life. you can’t just pretend that everything is as it should be or that maybe if you took a different road, life would be better.

you just don’t know.

what is necessary is this moment. how you are feeling? what will benefit me? and trust that whatever happens or decision you make will the right one for you and you alone. i spoke to a very dear friend yesterday and this person took a plunge lately and i was very envious. because this person took a big leap for their well being and didn’t give it a second thought. my reality is that i know i am on the verge of a nervous breakdown and i have to do what is best for me. will it work? i don’t know but i have to start somewhere.

everything is getting to me, i can’t sleep well, i am constantly questioning everything in my mind and my lack of confidence is merely a memory of something in the past that once was. can i do this? of course i can, it’s the end result that scare me.

i know there will be more stresses and i can’t live my life with these pressures. i need simple, i need calm and most of all happiness.