stop wanting the impossible

i watched an inspirational movie this afternoon and it made me think of my own life. i have been looking for this great idea that would bring readers to my blog, that hope that people would be so inspired that some popular paper or magazine would like me enough to want to write for them.

that’s just it…why is it we are always looking for more? why are we always looking for that next big idea? people are inspired to go the distance; big job, big house, fancy car, etc…you get the picture. more – more – more! last week i heard a word: SIMPLE

why can’t we just simplify our lives? why can’t we just be content with what we have without wishing there was more.what would happen if we stop wishing and hoping for things that are our of our reach? take my blog for instance, if i simplified it, just had plain writing, no links to stories, no pictures, no social networks, would i have as many hits?

not sure never did it.

on a personal note, i have also noticed that relationships are not in the works for me, owning a home isn’t way out of my league and even owning a car seems to be impossible. i questioned all of this today thinking what if, this is it?

my point is i believe we should stop striving what is more and think of what is less. stop giving to much of yourself and focus on what is important to you. do what you love, be honest and the hell with the rest of the world.