how important is your well being?


if you stop for just one moment and realize how important it is to step away from things, you realize that breathing and clearing your mind can greatly enhance your life. this is something most people forget to do! in most cases when faced with stressful situations, many people react instead of distract. i love distractions but it does not solve the issues or the reality. what you need to do is face all situations head on in order to clear it.

there are times when you also have to do or say things that are necessary in order to get your point across. of course we all know people are in their own zone and fixed on one thing that you cannot change the way they feel or think, even if you use examples of self destruction. some people can’t even hear what you are saying because they have one idea in their head and there is no other point.

all you can do is tell it like it is and hope that when the reality sets in, they will soon realize you were right.

i believe we all have a purpose in life and i am convinced all has it’s place. why we do or say things, pertain to a certain moment and life must take it’s course. all we can for today is hope, breath and be in our own moment. but remember, when shit hits the fan, you must take a step back, distract only to clear your mind so that you can come back with focus and understanding.