.still haven’t found what i am looking for

men and women alike react differently to certain situations concerning love. whether good or bad, women are very emotional and tend to trash the men when shit doesn’t go our way. however, what i have noticed, by example of my family whom have great marriages, they use signals and communication in a way i never thought possible.

i envy them, all the time, i feel i have been jolted by life. i finally got a great career but it drives me nuts every day that i can’t have it all like some of my family does. it is more a personal issue i guess that i feel that way, because on the other hand i have so many other things that i appreciate very much.

this trip i took to Las Vegas was another time that i felt as though visiting beautiful places alone isn’t the same as sharing them with someone else. when i went to South Padre Island, Texas last year, i was at a point where i needed to experience that alone; i needed to know and answer some personal questions of my own and found them. it still is the most amazing place in my eyes.

my personal growth will be 50, things i want to accomplish for myself and my future. i has been one year since i set out on this personal adventure and i still feel the same. the thing i want most is unconditional love.