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how do you feel when you are spoken too? how do you feel when people constantly bring you down?

believing you are less than better than others can really affect your lifestyle. it can affect your mental health and ability to dream big. there is no one in the world can tell you how to be or act unless in a professional environment and even then there is a fine line in control.

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we are all humans with a mission, ambition and determination for whatever our lives wish it to be. what burns my ass is the fact that some people seem to just dictate our ways  of living and have no consideration for that affect. there are some even who just like to make your life a living hell and gain nothing from it. they do it for the purpose of thinking they can. i feel very sorry for those people because there must be an inner issue, self image, negative intent and certainly are blinded by wrong reasoning.

i have often spoken of lack of respect, not liking people but when you go the distance to just say ” i just don’t like that person, i will make their life miserable at every chance i get, i wonder what is going on deeper?

i like the reverse psychology theory because you can really play on someone and make them realize what the hell they are doing and saying is absolutely ridiculous. there is no gain in making someone else’s life miserable just because you can’t figure out what the hell your problem is. take a step back, look at your life and get off the backs of others!

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