Spinning the Wheel

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There is a point in your life that might bring unhappiness. Death, loss of love, depression, career change, whatever it is, you have to decide whether it is important enough to move on or stay stuck.

I cannot tell you how to live your life, I can only give you experiences, methods I have used through a decade in order to bring myself back to this point. The big dilemma, right now in my life is career. I really hate my job and although it pays well, I have asked myself this question:

“is it all worth it?”

We bloggers find ways to improve ourselves all the time. Better content, affiliate programs, links for whatever profitable websites we can dig up but in the end, you must choose what is best for you. What are your goals, what are strengths, what do you believe will bring complete joy and contentment and generate the income you need to be comfortable.

We all know life takes hard work and we also know that if we are doing something we truly do not like in life, we are not going to succeed and being healthier. Self growth has taught me many things and even today, I truly believed I would be in a better place. My choices are always spinning and this wheel must stop.

What my next adventure will bring, I hope is much less stress, a reason to smile and the image of the better me.


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