Spark Your Own Wellness

there is a part of me that is fun, crazy, anything goes kinda person.

I remember her.

lately, I have written much about negativity and how the world seems to be my enemy in so many ways that when push comes to shove, I have disconnected with others. in my line of work, I encounter will kinds of people; lately, i am frustrated with those who have no morals and values. they do not know how to speak to others with respect. in my face and mind they are and for some reason shaking these thoughts are very hard.

how do we disconnect from this negative craziness?

for me, Sundays are my only day i can do whatever i want and most of time i retreat to an afternoon of favourite movies. i feel a sense of relaxation when i am indulging in a world of films. even if i have seen a movie many times, i take different things from them each time I watch one. i wish sometimes i could implement some ideas into people and make this world a better place to live reside. i guess the fact that i live in such a small minded town, restricts the ability to bring greatness onto others.

that is why i have been working on reality lately | people need to see the reality of life | realize that their actions and words can often hurt or damage a persons self esteem. there is no better way to express how awful one can feel after getting shot down over and over again. it brings me to a time when i used to believe nothing could stop me, no one could make me feel or do anything I didn’t want. as i aged i realized how sucked in i have become into believing that we must do what is right and respectful.

but we are only hurting ourselves

being natural | being true | is one of the most important things anyone can do for their own sanity.

true connections are what matters | finding that would be a miracle in it’s self.