Sometimes You just want to stick it to People

the rage of feeling either unheard or less understood…gets my blood boiling.

of course we all know there are some who are rude and make fun or hurtful comments.

then there are those who just think they have a bigger story than yours.

i would hope that some day, not in this lifetime i am sure, people would just read or listen without making their lives or stories bigger than yours. i believe this is called ‘ego’. i am not a person who sits back and puts up with this kind of behaviour. i will of course reply to all that is thrown at me, whether email or within a particular web comment link and tell them exactly how i feel.

i find people so judgemental or worse, i get the feeling they read more into a post or comment than need be. why can’t people just read something and say: “i understand how you feel?” or “i am sorry you are going through this horrible time – can i do something?” | you the lines.

my point is really some of these people, whether on the web or my real life who just don’t take the time to really understand what is going on about my feelings, need a reality check.

i have an idea! it’s amazing how things pop into your head when you are writing.

stay tuned.