Sometimes You Just have to Say: Fuck it!

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life is short isn’t it and for a time I have realized we must take leaps. People are always afraid to take chances in life, fear, doubt but unfortunately, when all is said and done, if you don’t take chances, you will regret everything.

I am a very realistic person but I also like adventure and I feel we must live in the moment because you never what the future brings. 2018 was such a bad year for me that I feel I need make 2019 a good one. off to a rocky start, I want to turn this shit around and make the best of everything.

So the motto of “Fuck it” will come into play many times over the next few months because I feel it is the best policy. I am not saying be irresponsible but I am saying have fun, live a little and enjoy the time you have on this earth. do the things that matter and make you feel great. be artistic, adventurous, fill your mind and body with the things that make you feel incredible and say “Fuck it” repeatedly during the course of the day.


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