Sometimes We Dream and Then

there are times when i think about my childhood, how the dreams were big, ambitions were less but there is still one lingering thought that runs in my head. i wanted to be a singer, i wanted to entertain the world and feel free at the same time. as life would have it, no encouragement, all the doubt that this local town girl could never make it big, that dream stays way back in my heart.

at one time, i had one big hero who believed in my singing and for the life of me, i can’t understand why i did not follow that dream. i can tell this person really inspired my singing, entertaining people with my voice and yet all of that died because the Love wasn’t strong enough.

i say that because my inspiration for singing came from this great love and saying it out loud is hard but it is the reality of where the voice came from. as i wonder how my life would have been like if i had chosen this ambition, further my career in music, realistically i stopped myself from being that epic artist for one reason or another.

some of us will never understand why we take different paths in life but i still stand still for a moment and wonder. here is a very inspiring song that i believe finds words and meaning for my latest adventure.