some live in silence

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i am faced with many challenges at this time of year, things i have worked on, self devotion, teaching unconditional love, the right to choose and i have seen something yesterday that i am concerned with. how many of us take the time to really see a person?

people of all kinds cross our paths and most of us do not even give them the time of day. not a smile, not a hello or even an offering. there are those among us who suffer in silence and for the most part we do not even see it. i value my gift of sensing these things and that is why i probably go out of my way to help others. but when it hits close to home, i am always compelled to do something more.

today i can say i am very grateful for the things i have, a roof, food, clothes, luxuries that some do not even think about and of course i am very grateful for my job; without it, i would not have the things i have. i am truly lucky because i have the knowledge to make my life as happy as it can be and the wisdom to make the right choices. i can honestly say many years ago, i would not even speak of anything let alone share it online.

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my challenge right in this very moment is to give something back to someone who made be in need. the how to approach it is what challenges me. my dear readers, when you are out in public today and the next few days, please remember to be kind and if you can GIVE the gift of unconditional love.

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