.Social Etiquette

it has come to my attention that certain people are not aware of social etiquette. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc…should not be used as an outlet to advise people of what you are eating, who you are sleeping with, how you are feeling on any given day and especially the stuff that really is of no concern to anyone but yourself.

why is it people feel the need to tell their life story through social media? it is all about the validation or the attention they feel is necessary at any given moment?

personal opinion: we do not need to know what kind of things you are doing, who you are doing them with and how it turns out.

what social media | networks provide are a way to network your thoughts in a good way, link important events, show the world what inspires you, sell the things you need to maintain good ratings and just the all around feel good entertainment. linking special pictures, stories, how to guides, etc…are what social networking is all about. there is far to much drama in the world that we do not need to post it every chance we get to get the arousal out of people.

i for one do not follow all my social networks every word | i mean who has that kind of time and besides most of it is mostly nonsense of a certain nature and should only apply to those who need to listen.

words have a profound affect on people and when you make comments about whatever you are reading, that too is a link to the social world and should be taken lightly. most people do not realize how social media can be interpreted and should see the impact on can have on your life.

my epic reality today | if you are posting about your relationships, personal adventures, what you are eating and how, etc…make sure it is relevant to your ambitions. most people don’t care if your heart is broken, if your are having a bad day or if your recent doctors check up came out negative.

what we do want are your inspirations, your happy thoughts, your good adventures and anything that is making your life a little lighter.  be as it may try and inspire someone!