i believe silence is one of the greatest gifts we have and i also feel if you say nothing, you speak louder than if you react with an answer. power is to be taken very seriously but if you abuse it, the outcome could be destructive.

we all have ghosts in our past that remind us of how far we have come, things might have done we are ashamed of or things we feel should have been done another way. the art of learning and growing is knowing the difference between right and wrong but also that no one is aware of what lies ahead. all we can do is trust in ourselves to make the right decisions when they are presented.

i have many demons that show up when i least expect it, places, faces, that remind me of a time when i somehow would like to erase. as i am a big believer of ‘everything happens for a reason’ i guess the experiences were somewhat of a lesson. today, when these ghosts show up, i can now take a look back before reacting. something i could never do in my past. i was one of those people that did and said whatever came to mind. always think before you speak was not my forté; later on regretting all that was done and said.

something else i have noticed lately about myself is fun. i no longer have fun, i am so unavailable to this concept that stress is the number 1 word in my vocabulary. yesterday, i noticed i was giggling for no reason and it made me realize how much i need to chill out. a word that comes to mind is boring! i used to be fun and i sometimes forget that. i need to search myself and find the spark.

i leave you with this epic reality: when sometimes isn’t fitting, don’t. stop. think. and re-think before you step forward.