.shut the fuck up

gossip, one of the worse things in the world, it destroys another person to no end. we see people daily who feed themselves on talking shit that really makes no sense.

why do they do it? my honest opinion is insecurity. they lack the ability to fix their own lives therefore they thrive on trying to impact others by telling stories. the  problem with this is most people, as smart as they are notice a pattern and feel less compelled to listen to this kind of garbage. my logic is factual! i know deep down these people do it because they really feel an urge to hurt someone else.

then the brain starts to work.

why would someone continuously do this to another person, knowingly? to see how far they can go? to push buttons so far that this other person will have to take drastic measures to finally shut another persons mouth?


i am a very smart person and i do have an impact on what is said but for some odd reason, at times, there is a limit to what i can tolerate. when it is personally pointed at me, i do get to the source of the issue. i have seen for years how there is always one bad egg in the bunch and unfortunately, it never ends. then comes my bigger issue, letting it go, i can’t. i believe people need to realize that you can’t do this kind of shit to others. you cannot keep manipulating something until it bleeds. it will affect many people in the end and that one bad egg must be stopped.

the next step is knowing the logical way of doing this. the hard part is also dealing with that person so they understand their persistence will certainly hurt others and eventually have consequences.