we have all heard it said, when one door closes another opens but sometimes you must at all costs close a door that will remain closed for the rest of your life.

i can’t even begin to tell you how many times i have tried to close doors that were very unhealthy for me, always waiting for the right moment, the right purpose or even the slightest indication of ‘that’s it!” there are some doors that haunt you and some that just won’t close. i guess memories of the past play a big roll and what you have to do is remind yourself of how this door is an unhealthy choice. i have even seen many people do the very same thing time and time again and i have asked myself how is this possible, do they not see the hurt, the pain, the bullshit they cause themselves?

inner devotion

probably not. or maybe it’s a fear that if they close the door, they have nothing else to keep them grounded. i always believe that is you have no reasoning behind something, then you should throw it away. why the hell hang on to something that means absolutely nothing. growing still means knowing; as we grow older we realize that there are things we no longer need in our lives especially when they have no value. even if it is just to simplify your existence, take the leap and shut that door.

i am working on my own doors, the one’s that cause me grief and frustration. i hope i can find the courage to shut these and continue my life in a peaceful and simple existence.