Shut The F**K UP

as my week ends, what have i learned? i can honestly say not as much as i would have hoped but i can say the lights are on.

people can be so volatile, i mean they never think before saying or acting on any situation and this week proved to be just that. people being mean, inconsiderate, rude and just plain stupid. they think because they are human they have the right to say and do whatever they want without even considering other people’s feelings.

i am expressing this because words can hurt and can also be embedded in ones’ head for life; especially if you are in the starting stages of self love and development. weakness comes from within, silence is deafening and if you aren’t careful, some day these words can either go one way or the other. good or bad, we need to clarify the meaning behind anything because people’s perception are so different. if you bad mouth someone,  you better have the prove to go with it, otherwise, eventually it will come back and bite you in the ass.

the other side of this, as a friend told me, it can be very toxic to any area you work in. i am telling you from my experience, words penetrate and for some people, if bad words are said, sooner or later, a person can come back in full force.

there are two options, letting it go or keeping in mind that the old saying goes: “what comes around, goes around”.

the problem is we cannot fix people, we cannot dictate what they say or do but we can remind them of the nature the effect will have on others. their actions and words can clearly send the wrong message and if not careful it could certain be bad for their well being. i keep asking myself why people do things like this; they clearly do not realize how childish and selfish it is. to worry about the small things is also something that means nothing. if you spend your time worrying about the little stuff, then you are missing life.

today i leave you with this #epicreality: “i am not going to be subjected to negative behavior but only to learn this lesson. if you can’t shut up, then fess up”.