.shit happens

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there are people in this world who do things to harm others, mentally or physically to gain power. then there are those who think they have that power, only because an individual will allow this shit to happen.


sometimes, in some situations you have to take a realistic approach, trace everything and come to all around logical conclusion.

decision making is very difficult because it can affect everyone around you. when you think you have made the right choice and it turns out to be a chaotic choice, what do you do?

Box A – leave it alone, see what happens.

Box B – investigate your options.

Box C – drastically change your tactics.

I am seriously still considering all these in my own special way. the unfortunate thing is i can’t let karma play here but i have to make my own choices. it’s funny how life teaches you things and it is only later on in life that you realize how useful it will be.


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