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insecurity is one of the deadliest feelings in the world; at work, at home, in social circles, even for ourselves. some people have insecurities because of bad conditioning throughout their lives being told it isn’t good enough or good ideas become stupid or crazy ideas.

‘been there, done that, wrote the book on it’

i guess that is why i am always trying to prove something to others and more or less to myself. recreating, finding news ways to be as epic as i can. this week i have made someone an important part of a team i hold leadership too and i feel insecure about it only because i have been burned by this before. but i feel i need to delegate these duties as i have to much on my plate and need to focus on myself a little more. i am tired and although most of the time it doesn’t seem like it, i need a break.

i need to rekindle my creativity and fire i once had and know that all will be good. how do i know these things? i feel my thoughts, i know what i am really thinking inside, giving up is slowing crawling up the food chain and i can’t do that because the repercussions would be worse.

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for years i have been blogging, recreating something that i believe is of great value. telling the stories, sharing my intimate thoughts only because one never knows who may also be suffering out there with the same feelings. i think popularity plays a role in this, bigger and better takes the stand and until we are there, we are never satisfied. we keep filling more and more the empty spots until one day, when we feel that is enough, we stop.

the moral of the story is never take on more than you can do but be realistic in your choices. listen to your own feelings and go the best direction you know how. the rest will take it’s course!

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