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i listen and watched a video today about a woman who heard the voice of jesus, only to feed a homeless man. i am happy she found this inspiration if it helps her in her every day life but when i think about this, i am faced with the realization of reality.

i truly believe the voice she was hearing was about giving. realistically, we see so many without the natural things of life, food, clothes, a proper home, a bed to sleep in and most people just shy away from the reality of this. they see a person on the street and never blink an eye because they think it is their choice to be in this situation.

i remember one night, working the late shift and a colleague and i seen a person sleeping outside and my gut was sick with sadness because this man was spending the night outside. of course my colleague and i, he could see this was disturbing me, went back after our shift to see if the man needed help. he explained that he didn’t and he would be out of the bus shelter by morning. he refused to tell us if he needed anything. my colleague did however go get a blanket and give it to the man.

the question was: “how much is enough and why are we seeing so much of this homelessness?”

this country is so rich, people going about their business, buying thousands and thousands of present to make unlce sam and little suzie get what they want this Christmas and we never consider the possibility their may just be those who have nothing or maybe it isn’t about having nothing but more about missing someone.

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i can’t tell you enough how this time of year touches my heart and i look for ways to send light and love to everyone and hope it gets there. with 4 days until the big day, i hope all of you do your part in sending whatever light, inspiration, love to all who need and for those who don’t.

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