.shaking the core of others

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panglossian – ‘having extreme optimism, despite ongoing hardship, difficulty or adversity

have you ever met people like that?

I have and know quite a few. they look at the world in such a way that nothing is wrong, nothing is negative and they seem no real light. they live in a fantasy world thinking everything is in colour and nothing ever goes wrong for them.

there are those who even preach this unrealistic happiness, never looking at the possibility there is chaos all around them. the trouble with this is that they live in a constant loop of denial.

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living as though everything is great, positive, happy can sometimes blind you of your own ability to defeat certain aspects of your life. i could seriously just slap the shit out of these people only because i want to shake their core and see life for what it is not only to be realistic but to learn and grow from the reality of life.

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some people make a living by empowering others to think that living in this way is the best for their future and health. i truly believe my struggles through life have shown me how to survive anything, yes it has made me less emotional to certain situations, yes it has made me somewhat empathetic and yes i never blink an eye when shit happens. i live to live and not believe in the fantasy.

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i make the best of what i have and do not dwell on emotions which hold no value to my life.

fix the things you can fix and do not hide from your reality or one day it will come bite you in the ass.


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