sex love or romance

i used to believe i knew everything about true love, what it was, what it represented and how to see the signs. i guess over the years, love for me has faded and on the odd occasion when i feel i have rediscovered what was lost, i see it only as a imagine of what once was.

men and women are so different in their way of thinking, that it makes me wonder who two creatures as this can even bare to be together, why we pursuit each other in the first place because we all know in the end, somewhere, someone will end up leaving the relationship.

the ones who are together and stay together are the ones that either have been so long in this their relationship that they figure it is meant to be like this, don’t know any different or just see it as one common ground. unless of course they have it all figured out and just won’t share their secrets.

romance is another thing, aww the bliss of being romanced by a guy or girl, the flowers, the candy, the gifts and nowadays the little text messages that make you smile when you least expect it. so tell me people, what happened to the real stuff? the kissing for hours under a street lamp, the surprise throw down because the other can’t wait to put his/her arms around you and my favorite, the dancing! random dancing for no reason at all even without the music.

worthy question of the day: “what if true love isn’t all it’s cracked up to be?”


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