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i just finish reading a good book and i was very disappointed with the ending. it is like wanting something so badly, working up to it, your pumping up, waiting for it and in the end, it really isn’t as great as you had hoped.

funny thing is, my reality of life is like that as i am sure most of you have similar situations. what i believe happens is this: the distance between A – wanting and Z – getting is the ultimate rush. i believe this is called working towards something. once you know you can accomplish something, the adrenaline stops and you find yourself thinking, what was all the fuss about?

i am the perfect example of this. the hard the goal, the harder i work at getting something. once i have attained it, i lose the memento. so then i find myself looking for something else to strive for. i found the answer to one of my great mysteries. i have always thought it was about satisfaction – never being satisfied with what i have. but really when i look at my life, it was about getting there. the action of knowing i can do anything and get anything i want.

as hard as some of things i have worked for seem unattainable, i still went at it. i have calm down in the last few years because i have noticed my energy is being sucked out of me and i have learned to live more in the moment then looking for the next challenge. i have only one thing i really want next and i believe that will be the ultimate life’s adventure for me.

my reality: when looking for answers, do not question every aspect of your life but focus on the journey to get there. people you meet, places you go and the things you do.

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