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self motivation is a wonderful thing if you can do it. it only proves how powerful you can be in moments of stressful situations.

i was living a roller coaster yesterday, different feelings of anxiety and pissed off moments, i honestly didn’t know what was going on. i guess it is one of the side effects of being in this midlife crisis and i it is a good thing i am aware when it happens, otherwise i would probably do stupid shit.

i had an epiphany yesterday thinking it isn’t my job i really dislike but some of the people i am surrounded by. how can some people really get under your skin? well, it is easy. they do or say something that is just unacceptable in your moment. you look at them as though they are a virus trying to wipe out your very existence. i am supposed to pride myself on accepting all that is and all that can be especially the unconditional moments of others. but sometimes i can’t seem to believe in my epic format.

the formula i have set myself up against seems so dramatic that i want to throw in the towel as quickly as it is out of the dryer, sorta speak.

what is good about my way of thinking is that i can quickly catch myself and say:”you are just feeling overwhelmed, tomorrow is another day”.

in order to keep sane, we must see it for what it is. a simple glitch, a conflict of interest and the moment you let it go, it will all disappear. do not be sucked in to others drama, be in your own moment of happiness and if needed, do something special for yourself when you feel this low. others will go their own way and you will walk away as if nothing happened.

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