Saying Goodbye to 2018

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once in a while we look back at our lives and wonder if our accomplishments, goals or ambitions were met. for me, far from it! life is changing so much that I can’t keep up with all of it. i still can’t believe another year is about to end and as i sit here and thinking about how to create my new bucket list, i am consumed with the idea that even though i am positive about this new year, 2019, i worry still about my future.

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as I am a realistic creature, I believe in the now and shouldn’t even worry about what is to come. however, when setting new goals for ones’ self, it is imperative to really search deep inside and find out what isn’t working.

as I also set my first and second lessons in place this morning, I am concerned with marketing these awesome lessons. I have done everything possible to promote my website this year and without being to negative, I have not gain as many followers as I had hoped.

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is it all for nothing, is it just a past time or can I really flourish from this all to positive adventure of writing?


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