.safety net and positive reconstruction

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second chances come few and far between and i truly believe people should be given chances. there are some however who feel that if you make mistakes over and over, it is because you clearly the state of absence.


life experiences are lessons to be learned and remembered but also a guide to never repeat. if you keep doing the same thing over and over again without success, why are you doing it? some, believe strongly, like myself, there is always a way to make shit happen. otherwise why do we get up in the morning. unfortunately over time, we realize that when we fail at this persistent avenue, never gaining insight or positive outcomes, maybe it is best to leave it alone.

everyone has a path to follow, everyone is put here to do something epic and sometimes people never really get the idea. i am starting to recognize my purpose and i am really not sure or convinced i am always doing the right thing. but i do know this:

“rules are made to be broken, dreams are meant to be realized and life is to be lived”


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