remember the phrase:

“life is what you make it”

far to often we have a plan, a goal and for some reason, life takes you on another journey. they say this because people figure you can plan your life according to what is best for you only to find that life isn’t what it seems to be.

remember the phrase:

“we have no control”

even though you feel you have set out all the best possibilities, shit happens and you can’t change it. you cannot decide when or where all will take place and you certain can’t see the future. if you make your life happen in a certain way, surely there will some diversions and then you are left with the ultimate, “WTF” moments.

remember the phrase:

“you can’t win”

no matter how hard you try, life is what it is. people, things, places, they are the same as long as you live in this moment. don’t be surprised when you strive for something to happen and find out you can’t manage to find the reality.

remember the phrase:

“simplify your life”

the small things are what make you go crazy with epic doubt but then again how else will this doubt teach you how to explore your moments. then you take that find a guide of epic value.


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