.running off at the mouth

it is so difficult to accept the differences between people, how they act, what they say and more so how they see things.

there are some who like stirring up shit just because it makes them feel important. it is almost as if when everything is calm, there is a reason to disturb the balance. i truly believe it makes them feel powerful, strong and that my friends is a personal issue.

when someone is constantly trying to sabotage someone else, it is for their own personal benefit. they believe it makes them look superior to others, when in fact they are drowning themselves with shear embarrassment. we no longer respect the authority one has on the subject and we certainly do not encourage bad behavior.

#epicquotea long time ago, i felt this way as though a vendetta was pointed at me. i guess over the years i have learned to care less and follow my agenda making sure i am not in conflict or suffering from major anxiety over stupidity.

the important reality is to live a life that satisfies your well being and never mind what others say or do. they will always, at some point get the message.

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