Rude People and Their Social Media Comments

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I was looking through some articles this morning and I found a website that I randomly was admiring the comments. people can be so brutal when it comes to giving their opinion. there is a way to explain how you feel without ripping people a new ass! right?

o.k. so let’s real. when people comment on any social media network, there is a thing called respect. every person on earth is unique and deserve some compassion. be honest as you will but have some discretion. one works for one person may not always work for another. what intrigued me about this comment was the person in question probably didn’t even really try to understand what the website owner was saying or promoting.

people write every day about what they feel is important to them; they are called niches for a reason. we all have something we believe is of value to our well-being or business, whatever that may be but we do not need to go around bashing others.

I am by far the most vocal person and I still can hold my tongue when I feel it will hurt someone or offend another. I don’t go around say it like it is just because I am in my moment and want to attract attention.

at the end of the day people, if you are a person whom has issues, comments or feelings that lash out in negativity, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!

find a way to fix whatever is bothering you and move on.


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