Romantic gestures

sparkle. relationships. we see all the romantic movies with people in love and how light in all seems but what constitutes as romantic? we are all different types of people, men, women alike have different ideas as what should be done to swoop a woman’s attention. because men are logical and women are emotional, this combination should be powerful but it is only a mere indication of how people end up in divorce.

the true love’s find a way to the connection without overdoing the obvious. sometimes, people stay together for financial reasons and figure this is it. others, when not romanticized, leave to pursue other venues. some find sexual gestures as a form of love and i can tell you this is only a quick fix to an ongoing physical frustration.

we cannot define the act of love but merely make it work for each individual needs. why certain people are together is beyond the art of knowing what matches. it is something none of us will ever understand because we are not them. each person must find their own way to express love and affection and consider the art of being in love as opposed to the act of giving love.

as we all know, i am and have learned the unconditional life and accept everyone for who they are and what they bring to my life. my current relationship is the perfect example of unconditional. we are in many ways so opposite that is rather ironic for me. however, we are honest and self-true to nature as can possibly be and we do not judge each other on any occasion. it takes a lot of work to make this relationship work but i think after almost 8 years we have learned to just be ourselves and come to many understandings.

i could go on about this all day but in the real world, i have things to do but i really appreciate my spouse, he is one of a kind. he accepts me for me and surprises me with romantic gestures in a very unique way. also, he makes a great cup of coffee!

today, if you are lucky enough to have someone in your life, decide the reasons you are together, make each moment count and never settle for less than you are worth.