.rock and a hard place

defeat. solid, harsh, complicated.

realistic doesn’t even begin to describe recent feelings, emotions and events. when you think you have a plan and have it “nipped” in the butt – reality sets in or does your heart?

at a young age we are motivated to do better – at an older age, we settle for what is in the present. some of us never truly find purpose or logic behind the things we do but we can face the reality and know it is for good reasons.

striving for excellence does not come easy for some. struggle plays a big part in my life and yet if i stand here still, long enough to realize where i have been and what i have accomplished, i might realize it is enough.

sometimes however, if you read some of my posts, i am full of shit! only because i write about simplicity and yet my life has become creatively busy. this week, i am supposed to be on vacation and i am doing all the catching up on things i can’t do otherwise when i am working.


not really a vacation.

of course everyone knows i’d rather be on a beach somewhere, soaking up sun and sand but my priorities set back my realistic vacation time.

step 1 – reorganize my office – yesterday i built a new cabinet (with great difficulty – good thing there’s a man in the house, otherwise it would still be without doors) and turned my office around.

step 2 – redesigned my website – i was looking for more color, creative outlines

step 3 – finish music app as my deadline is October 1st, 2016

step 4 – paint bathroom – hopefully

step 5 – catch up on some self time – whether a movie, pedi, it has to happen. we often forget to take tranquil moments

step 6 – big decision! can’t tell you what it is but it must be accomplished. business is business, right?

it think life has a way of showing us what is best for ourselves – life, where are you?